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Regenblade is a company located in Pamplona, Navarra (Spain), a city which is recognized as a wind energy hub in Spain. Our team’s DNA is made of Research and Development (R&D). We go through a whole process which our main and final idea is not the first one we come out with. We love to discuss all of our ideas before we come out with a definitive solution.

We translate this idea generation to the wind blades industry. Our team has high experience in the wind energy industry, especially in the wind blades. We know that wind blades can be more cost-efficient than what they are currently. Regenblade helps to achieve this.

Regenblade company
World Map Regenblade

How are our ideas produced?

This idea generation is driven by the KISS philosophy: Keep It Smart Simple. If any of our thoughts don’t follow this method, it is directly rejected. Regenblade’s products are so easy and simple to implement that we can basically work around the world. We go where our customers are and where their wind farms are.